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    Nowadays, all the information is available at our fingertips that eliminate the need for human support. The only area of the human interaction that leads over the technology is a personal touch during a conversation particularly in the case of relationship-based interactions.All major innovators provide human-like conversation experiences; even that edge seems to be diminishing. A platform which is designed to understand, learn and converse similar to the human can also answer queries in the real-time is commonly referred to as a chatbot. So, Chatbots are one who has attracted the attention of firms across industries and also is being viewed as a means to create differentiation in an increasingly crowded landscape.


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    Ethereum is an open-source method of Blockchain technology which is one of the important factors helping smart contracts that scales the usefulness of this concept globally. As Smart Contract is one of the most key element and it can be encoded with an algorithm. It reduces the use of brokers and intermediaries and helps in the transactions between producers and consumers. Smart contracts can be done by the use of distributed ledgers which executes when certain terms and conditions meet along with confidentiality requirements. Smart contracts can carry the arbitrary state by which it can perform any arbitrary computations and these are able to call other smart contracts as well. This gives the tremendous scripting facilities for Ethereum Ethereum technology.

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